Happy Jack

Eyes crinkled by laughter; mouth spreading in a toothless grin; rounded belly shaking with mirth; there’s no one quite like Happy Jack! Humor racing through his imaginative brain; compassion lacing his words of endearment. Happy Jack, a face of love and a heart full of laughter that’s my…. Happy Jack! Truth, honesty, integrity, a man of honor, caring, giving, and sincerity. Husband, dad, friend and many other roles is my Happy Jack! cc 04/22/1990 Kathy Challis Author’s note: This was a birthday gift to honor my dad, although his title was step-dad he never allowed the step get in the … Continue reading Happy Jack

Quiet moments

I gaze upon the snow-covered landscape. Glistening in silvery white in the moon’s waxing glow. Stillness abounds as I peer through the window. My warm breath lingers on the panes. A nighthawk squawks; in the distance a dogs bark pierces the night resound “gruff!” “gruff!” the headlights from a passing motorist break the spell. The gazing has stopped. cc 12/30/90 Kathy Challis original title, “Feelings”   Continue reading Quiet moments