Robert’s reflections of 2018

Robert Challis 6 hrs · now that we are on the last day of 2018 I have reflected on the past year for me had a heart attack had heart surgery my lupus flared up due to being off my medicine during the time I had surgery and 6 weeks afterwards retired hardest thing I ever did 5.sold as much property and items as I could to cover medical bills spent much more time with grandkids spend more time at church helping where I could spent more time with my wife and girls played Santa for the schools and church … Continue reading Robert’s reflections of 2018

Happy New Year 2019

2019, is full of promise. We will be selling our home in the city suburbs and moving to the country. We have seen some really nice land parcels with houses and barns on them. We are thinking of brand names for our farm. the lazy cs= u~ farm or double cs =ccs farm both derivatives of challis-smith or something creative like double K farm, the twinkling brooke, RK’s cabins, it will be interesting to find out what the name will be and how far off I am from it. We are going to wait one year so we can gauge … Continue reading Happy New Year 2019