I, Canvas

Canvas relaxed on easel awaiting the energy of creating Six colors chosen, splash on-site Shapes emerging, blending, some stands out Canvas heated poised on easel welcomes the cool touch of paint Purple to yellow, Blue to Orange, White to Black all compliment Darkness creep upon the night to swirl its edges Canvas exhausted cools on easel through the night Brushes are washed of color, swirled and straightened A work of art has emerged Canvas is framed and placed for show Proudly being the new center of attention The artist agonizes: is this my very best? KAT CHALLIS Sept. 05, 2005 … Continue reading I, Canvas

Quiet moments

I gaze upon the snow-covered landscape. Glistening in silvery white in the moon’s waxing glow. Stillness abounds as I peer through the window. My warm breath lingers on the panes. A nighthawk squawks; in the distance a dogs bark pierces the night resound “gruff!” “gruff!” the headlights from a passing motorist break the spell. The gazing has stopped. cc 12/30/90 Kathy Challis original title, “Feelings”   Continue reading Quiet moments